Within the couple, just like in society, it is no longer the time to focus on what does not work and what external to you you dislike because found in dis-harmony with whom you perceive to be. To change the outer world you must amend the way you approach it, hence make changes in your inner self. Everything is a mirror of yourself, and what you attract into your reality is Divinely timed to assist you in overcoming self-limitations and acquired patterns, and it would therefore be wise to see all circumstances as the opportunity that they truly are.

It is no coincidence that things are falling apart in the structures that you have created – silently or willingly – and you live in. It is time to break free and evolve out from under the multidimensional negativity and suppression. You are not separate from the external world and what happens outside is a reflection of your Inner Universe. An attitude of humility is therefore beneficial to enable you take personal and collective responsibility for the personal and collective circumstances you find yourself in. It is simply not only up to others. The key of change is within you and as you are constantly choosing thoughts, words and actions, the time is ripe to stretch the muscles of personal leadership not by words but by example.

The moment you recognize that your Inner world is the Key to the outer change and you choose to make order inside your Universe ~you offer the single greatest contribution to the planet earth’s re-balancing and to human evolution.

You think these are words?
Give it a try and then share the experience.. ♥


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