If you want to Change the World.. Love yourself
In response to two wonderful essays that circulates widely, the first titled:
If you want to change the world…love a woman
and the 2nd If you want to change the world…love a man
 Here is a precursor to the others, by Jacqui Lalita:

If you want to Change the World.. Love yourself

If you want to change the world.. Love yourself ~ really love your self
as though God/Creator/Great Spirit Divine were living and breathing
through every cell of your precious being!

 Throw away your self loathing and inner judgements
and be still enough to listen


to your own heart beating.
Hear the Sacred Songs of Life throbbing within you,
the celestial rejoicing, the cosmic choirs of Creation
singing for you to succeed in Love.
 Whether you have found someone to Love or not it is ok,
there is a Great Love within awaiting your courtship,
the truest True Love one can find with the power to spill majesty
into each and every one of your relations.

If you want to change the world…Love yourself
beyond your ego’s attachment to who you are,
beyond your vanities for appearance
and desires to grasp onto fleeting youth
to the core of who you really are on this Earth,
a unique whole and holy Soul expressing the eternal glory of Love
through your every action, word, and thought.
There is only Love

 One brilliant interconnected web of Creation
where nobody, even the most lonely among us,
are ever separate from each other.
Look deep into your own eyes and see – really see
you are perfect and lovable just the way you are.

If you want to change the world…Love yourself – Love all of yourself

 including your alleged failures, flaws and misfortunes
see every challenge and each experience and being in your life as a teacher
helping you to rise above self-limiting beliefs
Practice forgiveness daily beginning with yourself
The gift of a new day is too precious to lose time holding onto stale resentments.
Replace worry, doubt and fear
with an absolute trust in the goodness of this world.

Dwell not in the past, fret not for the future,
but spend the wild Spark of Life on the present moment,
where the pureness of Now contains the answer to every how.
Count your blessings – always there are many!
And infinite more contained within every Sunset, Moonrise, cuddly creature,

home cooked meal, orange blossom, and ripe sweet fruit awaiting your attentive lips.
 For all the suffering on this Earth, there is also so much beauty
bursting out of the seams if we are present enough to see it…
wild, fearless jungles, forests, deserts, and oceans full of brave creatures
whose will to live is so audacious
weary limbs can’t help but Dance.

Dance for the tender majesty of it all
for the miracle of the seed that created you
and for making it this far,
for the dolphins leaping out of the ocean in this very moment
for the owls and shooting stars serenading the night
for the baby elephant being born on the Serengeti
for all the Grandmothers and Grandfathers

and the onces that taking their last breaths today
for the infinite cycles of Life, Death, Rebirth happening across this Earth
of which your Miraculous self is an integral part.

If you want to change the world…love yourself
Love and nourish your Body Temple with pure foods and clean water.
Be vigilant about knowing where your food is coming from
in these precarious times.
Grow gardens if you are able to
and grow the garden of your Soul with creativity.

Heal the world by Singing, Dancing, playing instruments, Painting,
Writing, Baking, Sculpting, Weaving and giving your Passions
the devotion they deserve.
Align yourself with right livelihood so that your earnings come from doing work you believe in.
If you have not yet found a job you love to do,
have patience and keep tuning in with prayer and meditation
until it becomes revealed to you.
Everyone has something unique to contribute to the benefit of all beings.
Expand your heart out to others and use your energies to continue developing yourself and unlocking latent talents.
Know that something marvelous awaits!

If you want to change the world…Love yourself
There is one path to Peace and that is the road within.
If you want the wars to end,
if you cannot bear another headline of nuclear power,
if you want every gun in this world
to begin to shoot sunflower seeds instead of bullets
so that wide fields of flowers may bloom where once there was killing,
first lay down the sword you have used against your own self for so long
and make peace with who you are right here, right now.

 Embrace your shadow, for everyone has one
Find acceptance of yourself
and reach towards the mighty and towering heights
to the fullness of your Being
back to the garden of Eden that is our home for this blessed moment of time,
a home for us to celebrate, connect in kindness,
 and remember the Divinity from which we’ve come.

Love yourself equal to all others, neither greater

nor less than any other living being
Be gentle with yourself with tender care and compassion
and behold the way this self love uplifts all your relations.
When a mate appears, or if you are already in union,
you may swim in the vast ocean of love without end,
and rather than needing anything from him or her,
you may simply reflect inner beauty and inspiration onto each other.

This journey of divine union is not always easy,

for sometimes soul mates bring our attention to those places
inside of us that need to change.
If you are rooted in Self Love and Self Mastery,
the Patience and Commitment to
do this brave life work together will be there to carry you
through the challenges
so that the ripe fruits of everlasting Love
can be savored with splendor.

If you want to change the world.. Love a woman.. Love a man…
but first Love yourself
from bare bones to benevolent Heart
so that you may give this man or woman
and every other Being you cross paths with,
the Adoration, Devotion and Unconditional Love
of your beautiful, bountiful soul.

Author: Jacqui Lalita


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