28Days Wild Woman RADICAL SELF-LOVE 

A 28-Days Online Program to Radical Self-LoveBy Vanya Silverten & Tara Isis Gerris


START DATE: September 21st 2022


“And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight In a BudWas More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Blossom.”          –Anais Nin

What would you do if you had the chance todayto leave everything behind that no longerserves you and step into your most loving,Sacred, Wild and Authentic Nature?

Are you ready for a sacred journey into your heart and a radical adventure into your power?

This is for the Woman who feels her power is hidden and is now needing the Medicine of  Radical Self-Love to claim herself as the revolutionary force she was destined to be.

Wild Women are trail blazers, we are fierce and we are oracles who are lead by our hearts. Except sometimes the deep love and passion we have for our lives, our children, our families, our relationships, our Path gets broken. Sometimes we end up in life situations that have been challenging, draining, confronting, toxic or heartbreaking. Sometimes we break a little more each day, get cluttered or blocked and loose contact with the brilliant power that lives within us. 

It’s time now brave woman to put your heart back together. It’s time to cut the cords, heal the emotional wounds, release the trauma, remove the masks, let go of the illusions,  stop giving your energy away, cleanse your system and return back to the infinite abundance of your powerful heart. It is time to detox and release your body, mind & Soul from all that has been keeping you from shining your brightest light. 

It’s time for a Radical Self-Love journey!


Now it’s time to remind yourself who the fuck you are.

-Tara Isis Gerris

 This 28Days of Wild Woman Radical Self-Love is life changing. This journey is more than healing and forgiveness.  It is a cleansing of your body to remove what is blocking you physically and get your Energy levels up and moving. It is an aligment of you with your breath which will calm down your nervous system. It is an adventure into your heart where you integrate and heal the past until you accept, claim and honour the powerful woman you truly are – wild, fierce, free, sensual, wise, courageous, aligned and filled with purpose. It is a togetherness with women from all around the globe walking similar paths, ready to fully own our empowering self-loving qualities.  


Sister, you are so precious.

It’s time to claim your life purpose.

And the most eternal position you can claim now is your heart


Join us and refresh yourself in our Radical Self-Love program for 28 days of cleansing, releasing, empowerment, alignment and celebrating. You will travel with a bunch of Wild Women in a Sacred Online Space; a warm bath of SISTERHOOD. We’ve created this program, for you to ignite your Spirit!

We will start with a physical and emotional detox. From there we will take all the needed steps that will make sure your cup will be full again. So full that you have no choice but to begin the next chapter of your life. 


What can you expect from the Wild Woman Radical Self-Love Journey:

  • Daily Guidance 
  • Body Cleansing
  • Emotional Release
  • Bodywork & Breathwork 
  • Heart Healing & Awakening
  • An online support group of women
  • Weekly Live calls
  • Storytelling & Guided Journaling
  • Sacred Tea Drinking 
  • Clarify your Purpose & Soul Alignment
  • Initiation & Ceremony



This is a life altering program:A Gift for Life!

A proven personal reset that empowers you to leave behind what no longer serves you and grounds you into your life purpose..

Wild Woman Radical Self-Love  


Transformational Program




        2. ❁ A 28Days transformational journey to elevate your self love  & self confidence      all the way from the ground up.❁ Meditations to fully ground yourself.           

        3. ❁ Weekly live calls with Vanya & Tara and other participants. 

          ❁ Life time access to the Wild Woman Radical Self-Love Community.

          ❁ 28Days of Community Support & Daily Guidance

          ❁ Powerful journalling questions to embody the teachings and awakening your potential

          ❁ Access to the Wild Woman Radical Self-Love Facebook Group, your own Sisterhood Tribe


        4. ❁ A Soul Sister pairing for 1:1 support throughout the Radical Self-Love Journey. (This is optional, not obligated)

        5. ❁ Weekly Goal & Intentions settings Guidance.    


          3 hours of video and audio




      • We will have Live Calls every week (All live calls will be recored in case you won’t be able to join us)
      • Day 1: Opening CeremonyWe start on the 21st of September 2022 Equinox, a powerful moment in our calendar where there is equal night and day. Aligned with nature we symbolically have equal attention to what needs to be released both emotionally and physically. 
      • Week 1: 7 Days of Guided Body Cleanse and Detoxification (Bodywork & breathwork)
      • Week 1 Closing Ceremony: Honour my Sacred Temple Ritual
      • Week 2: 6 days of Heart Healing, Emotional Release Work and nourishing of your Sacred Self
      • Week 2 Closing Ceremony: The Sacred Heart Initiation & Online Tea Ceremony
      • Week 3: Daily Practises, Guided Journaling and also Dancing!! to get crystal clear on what, who or which mindset is holding you back.
      • Week 3 Closing Ceremony: A ‘Letting Go’ Fire Ritual 
      • Week 4: Reclaim Your Life Purpose & Soul Alignment Storytelling. This week we will start to guide you through meditation, body- and breathwork and lead you back to your most authentic Wild Woman You! And once you’re ready, you are going to write and share your story from your totally revitalized self-loving energy. As this story will be so deeply aligned with your deepest truth and purpose, it will be an inspiration for you (and others) to build upon for many years to come. We’ll also share the most inspirational ones with the Wild Woman Sisterhood Audience. (only with your permission)    
      • Week 4 Closing Ceremony: Wild Woman Radical Self Love Marriage Ritual 

We can’t wait to see you inside beautiful. Let’s dive into this life changing journey together. With love, Vanya & Tara


Wild Woman Radical Self-Love will bring significant value and depth to your life.

It’s an opportunity of tremendous growth.


We invite you to have a deeper look inside of you and to ask yourself the question if you are truly living the life that fills your heart with gratitude?



This program gives you wings to help you give up what weighs you down.

We’ve createted a Sacred online invironment for you in which you’ll feel save, nourished and accepted for exactly who you are. 

So…are you in?


Your hosts: Vanya & Tara

Your two facilitators of the Online 28Days of Wild Woman Radical Self-Love are: Tara Isis Gerris and Vanya Silverten.

Tara is the founder of Wild Woman Sisterhood, she is author, Wild Woman Embodiment Coach and she is a well known Sisterhood advocate for over a decade. Vanya is also a Female Embodiment Coach and a highly successful Transformative Energy Healer for over 12 years. Vanya and Tara started to collaborate in 2019 and as they both experience so much ease, love and growth within their connection, in February 2022 they decided to launch a New business together. Together they’ve created the 28Days of Wild Woman Radical Self-Love.  They both feel immensely blessed to be able teach women how to let go anything that stands in the way of truly loving yourself. It’s where it all starts..      

We designed “28Days of Wild Woman Radical Self-Love”  to offer a high quality teaching of Self-Love in a 28Days program to do some deep transformative work from the comfort of your own home. You will start your journey together with a whole group of women who will travel 28 days with you which creates tremendous uplifting energy. A beautiful way to fully engage and actively participate in an exceptional online offering from where we gently guide you along the Path of the Wild Woman. Way too many women are not loving and honouring themselves in ways that provides healing and empowering, and we are here to show you exactly HOW to change this and step into your fullest potential.  —Vanya & Tara

We offer this program only twice a year. So.. If you feel called and you wish to dive deep with us, we genuinely and wholeheartedly encourage you to grab this gift of an opportunity. Do you feel your heartbeat rising? 

Moon Circles by Tara Isis Gerris, the Rising of Women in Sisterhood. A good companion when nestled deep in the woods. Swaying, releasing, expanding with the wind. Continuing to embody the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy.

Cristine Lacroix

Woo! Sisters uniting! Hell yes, I’m excited. Business, sisterhood, raw honesty and full on integrity coupled with fierce passion -a magical a place I need to be in. Thanks for creating this sacred space. With online business taking off- this is a refreshing place to be. Truth, goals, intentions and support. Thx for creating this!


I am blown away by the synchronicities.

You are so amazing Tara. Oh my goodness, oh my god, oh my goddess, I am so glad you are in this world and that I found you and have you infusing important messages into my life via facebook and all. And so blessed I am to have had the chance to meet you in Drenthe, back all those months ago, later that year after reading your words that have affected me so much.

Thank you, so very very much, so much gratitude for your important work, and all your sharing.

So much love and gratitude xoxoxo

Elizabeth Wade

Tara, ever since I connected with the Wild Woman Sisterhood it changed my life. Every time I feel lost I go to your page and find something that will make me feel alive again. It became like a bible to me. Now that I have met you in your sacred workshop, I’ve got to know you as such a honest, humble and pure woman. You have this combination of vulnerability while great vision and power breaths through each cell of your being. With your piercing eyes you are wild and also in other ways then some would expect you to be. You are authentically wild because of your sensuous purity and your indubitable sincerity. And I love the way you dance mamma! I honor you and your work greatly.

Laura, Italy

The Wild Women Sisterhood Workshop, an amazing and unique experience in Europe, from which I have came back transformed forever.13 women, from the age of 30 to 65, coming from all over Europe, who met on the sacred land of the Netherlands to form a circle of sacred women, celebrate the feminine, the wild nature of our gender, reconnect with our ancient roots and primitive instincts, reconnect with Gaia, our mother earth, to rebuilt this intuitive bound that unites us, women of all over the world…What an amazing experience !

Sonia, France

I went from the worse in my life to almost the best in my life, thanks to your workshop, thanks to you.

Liz, Australia

I had been craving something different. After I lifetime of doing, producing and go, go, go, I wanted to slow down, get quiet, and simply be. But I didn’t know how (years of doing the same thing will do that to a person!). Then I signed up for Wild Woman Sistermind on a whim, as it felt right: an opportunity to feel more feminine, and more myself.

I had no clue how powerful it would be. The simple act of taking one hour, every two weeks, to be with amazing women from all over the world on a live call? It’s been beautiful. Tara and Vic have a great capacity to hold space and to teach. They are beautiful souls with massive amounts of wisdom. This group is more than moon cycles; for me, it’s been about simply uncovering the softness of myself that was always there.

The value I’ve received is far more than I anticipated. And now, I look forward to each new moon and full moon, because I know I will have sisterhood time. How beautiful is that? Thank you Tara and team, for creating this group. I’m so grateful to you, and to all of the women in it.

Amanda Perrot

CEO & Founder, Grounded Goodness