Awaken your full potential and build a life beyond your Wildest dreams

What would you do if you had the chance today
to leave everything behind that no longer
serves you and step into your
Sacred, Wild and Authentic Nature?

The SISTERMIND is our Online Members Hub developed for women who are ready to successfully live their authentic truth. This empowering Personal Development Training is offered in a monthly membership format. Our SISTERMIND Membership offers you the teachings that will let you do the work that needs to be done by you to be able to step into your fullest potential. You will be fired up and groomed to take ownership of your life, ready to take off and turn your wildest dreams into reality. You will simply learn and integrate how to align yourself with your own authentic gifts and talents, so that you can manifest a fulfilling abundant life. The SISTERMIND Membership will provide you empowering transformational online teachings which will be exclusively delivered to you in online sharings, meditations, video format, emails, PDF guidebooks and a Members-only private group where you can bathe in the Spirit of Sisterhood.

Our Members Hub includes lots of exclusive content, stories, weekly online gifts, guided audio meditations, Rites de Passage Rituals, Moon Magic and challenges which are all designed to ignite your deepest calling and guide you along on your journey.


The world needs your special gift that only you can offer

     The SISTERMIND Membership is meant for you..

  • If you are ready to leave behind all the bullshit that is holding you back from living your dreams
  • If you are willing to dive deep into monthly teachings that will ground you into the Path of the Wild Woman
  • If you are ready to awaken and explore your gifts, talents and medicine
  • If you feel like you’re stuck and just want to break free and do whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing in life?
  • If you feel isolated and lonely because you don’t know like-minded women to share about your dreams and passions
  • If you are longing for true genuine authentic SISTERHOOD in your life
  • If you want to break free from the cage of society imposed dogmas as you unleash your Wild Nature
  • If you want to be guided, inspired and learn how to hold on and manifest your dreams

Join SISTERMIND and ground yourself into the life you dream of..

Monthly SISTERMIND Offering

• HOW the Sistermind WORKS

As a member, every month you’ll get:

  • A new subject of the Sistermind Wild Woman SeriesWe will dive into our neglected and wounded parts while we go on a journey together. You will learn to release your fears and all that is holding you back from living your Sacred Wild and full potential.
  • Weekly Goal & Intention settings
  • An exclusive Members-only deepening Meditation to fully ground yourself into our specific month-theme
  • Access to the SISTERMIND Members Facebook Group, your own Sisterhood Tribe, to share and connect with like-minded women, build friendships and stay focused


All members will receive a weekly online inspiring Sistermind Gift

When you join the SISTERMIND you will also receive the e-book:

MOON CIRCLES, author: Tara Isis Gerris (Founder WWS)

MEMBERS Privileges:

You’ll get access to the private Facebook group, which is such a supportive, inspiring and safe warm bath for our SISTERMIND Inner Circle to hang out online. You can interact at any time with like-minded Wild Sisters :)

There’s so much goodness inside The Wild Woman SISTERMIND.

If WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD has inspired you so far, the SISTERMIND membership will be a profound Gift you can build upon.

Month to month subscription. Cancel anytime.

The SISTERMIND Membership will bring significant value and depth to your life.
It’s an opportunity of tremendous growth.


and start your own kick-ass empowerment journey



The SISTERMIND Membership
is a month to month subscription that you can cancel any time.
We’ve got you covered, sister!

It’s time to fully align yourself with your goals and intentions while you release yourself from all that is keeping you from living your authentic truth. Every single one of us has the ability to achieve incredible things and life is too short to waste the opportunity to make it happen. To make this possible we need to stay focused on what we’re trying to achieve, learn as much as we can, get inspired, build a Tribe of support around ourselves, keep going and have faith. This is exactly what the SISTERMIND offers you, a reliable online environment that holds space for you to grow beyond the imaginable.

So…are you in?


Tara Isis is a published author of the book ‘Moon Circles’ and a facilitator of Women Circles and Moon Circles worldwide.  As a passionate women empowerment coach and an experienced workshop facilitator, her teachings are based on the Path of a Wild Woman and deeply rooted in Priestess knowledge. Tara’s background in naturopathy, human behavior, shamanic teachings, ayurveda, tantra, massage therapy and bodywork along with her experience with ancients rituals, meditation and other healing modalities allow her to guide other women along the path of a Wild Woman. Tara guides women while they awaken into their Sacred Feminine, she creates and offers teachings and environments for women to help them gently transform into their authentic wild selves becoming who they were always meant to be.

I designed The Wild Woman SISTERMIND to offer a simple easy way to do some deep transformative work in your life from the comfort of your own home. This work will awaken your Wild and Sacred Feminine and empower your Female Leadership. A beautiful way to fully engage and actively participate in an exceptional online offering from where we gently guide you along the Path of the Wild Woman.

If you feel this is your calling and you wish to dive deep with us, I genuinely and wholeheartedly encourage you to grab this freaking gorgeous opportunity. If your heartbeat is rising, that’s the sign! Go for it!

Moon Circles by Tara Isis Gerris, the Rising of Women in Sisterhood. A good companion when nestled deep in the woods. Swaying, releasing, expanding with the wind. Continuing to embody the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy.

Cristine Lacroix

Woo! Sisters uniting! Hell yes, I’m excited. Business, sisterhood, raw honesty and full on integrity coupled with fierce passion -a magical a place I need to be in. Thanks for creating this sacred space. With online business taking off- this is a refreshing place to be. Truth, goals, intentions and support. Thx for creating this!


I am blown away by the synchronicities.

You are so amazing Tara. Oh my goodness, oh my god, oh my goddess, I am so glad you are in this world and that I found you and have you infusing important messages into my life via facebook and all. And so blessed I am to have had the chance to meet you in Drenthe, back all those months ago, later that year after reading your words that have affected me so much.

Thank you, so very very much, so much gratitude for your important work, and all your sharing.

So much love and gratitude xoxoxo

Elizabeth Wade

Tara, ever since I connected with the Wild Woman Sisterhood it changed my life. Every time I feel lost I go to your page and find something that will make me feel alive again. It became like a bible to me. Now that I have met you in your sacred workshop, I’ve got to know you as such a honest, humble and pure woman. You have this combination of vulnerability while great vision and power breaths through each cell of your being. With your piercing eyes you are wild and also in other ways then some would expect you to be. You are authentically wild because of your sensuous purity and your indubitable sincerity. And I love the way you dance mamma! I honor you and your work greatly.

Laura, Italy

The Wild Women Sisterhood Workshop, an amazing and unique experience in Europe, from which I have came back transformed forever.13 women, from the age of 30 to 65, coming from all over Europe, who met on the sacred land of the Netherlands to form a circle of sacred women, celebrate the feminine, the wild nature of our gender, reconnect with our ancient roots and primitive instincts, reconnect with Gaia, our mother earth, to rebuilt this intuitive bound that unites us, women of all over the world…What an amazing experience !

Sonia, France

I went from the worse in my life to almost the best in my life, thanks to your workshop, thanks to you.

Liz, Australia

I had been craving something different. After I lifetime of doing, producing and go, go, go, I wanted to slow down, get quiet, and simply be. But I didn’t know how (years of doing the same thing will do that to a person!). Then I signed up for Wild Woman Sistermind on a whim, as it felt right: an opportunity to feel more feminine, and more myself.

I had no clue how powerful it would be. The simple act of taking one hour, every two weeks, to be with amazing women from all over the world on a live call? It’s been beautiful. Tara and Vic have a great capacity to hold space and to teach. They are beautiful souls with massive amounts of wisdom. This group is more than moon cycles; for me, it’s been about simply uncovering the softness of myself that was always there.

The value I’ve received is far more than I anticipated. And now, I look forward to each new moon and full moon, because I know I will have sisterhood time. How beautiful is that? Thank you Tara and team, for creating this group. I’m so grateful to you, and to all of the women in it.

Amanda Perrot

CEO & Founder, Grounded Goodness

Tapping into the spiral of creation I founded WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD, which instantly and organically grew into a leading global Sisterhood Tribe. Besides becoming a Mother nothing had ever made more sense to me. If something is meant to be you just know it. I am a servant, an advocate of the Awakening Wild and Sacred Feminine and devoted to keep on contributing to expand true and genuine Sisterhood. My commitment is to share the gems of what I’m learning and living, staying authentic honest and real. I’m just as much vulnerable as being a bad ass Wild Woman and warrior of Love who strives for truth and goodness while I follow the teachings of Mother Earth.