GUIDED MEDITATION ‘Release Your Fears’

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A profound Guided Meditation that will help you releasing your Fears.

Guided meditation opens the space for your awakening process, and can also release you from, draining emotions, fear and worry. Guided meditation can be a powerful tool to create change your life, particularly because of the way guided meditation work on your subconsciousness.

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During the meditation, your brain begins to lose distinction between imagination and reality; you feel like you’re having a real experience, even though you’re being guided through an imagined event. Through this you can find a wonderful sense of peace. The great part about this form of mediation is the ability to fully relax and let go.

5 Simple Ways to Prepare for the Meditation

  1. Prepare the space. Simple things like lighting a candle, turning off your cell phone, or sitting in a special place can support your meditation practice.
  2. Set an Intention.
  3. Ask a Question.
  4. Write down your distractions.
  5. Listen to the Guided Meditation.