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One of the most poignant, profound and emotionally-provocative videos about Dance! we ever came across.
Beautiful visuals, touching for the ears, depth of meaning and message.
An amazing achievement for all those who contributed!

Ontario Arts Council

Produced by the Ontario Arts Council, Why I dance… Pourquoi je danse…, is an Strong expression of the Soul, sharing the “how’s & why’s” anyone falls in love with the Art of Dance to such a deep and personal level.
This video was created to support the goals of Ontario Dances.

Dance lovers

Ontario Dances is a program of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). In 2013, the Ontario Arts Council celebrates 50 years of support to the hundreds of artists and arts organizations across the province. Among these are the dance organizations, dancers and choreographers who produce and create in Ontario. OAC support helps ensure that dance lovers throughout the province have access to their work.

Passion for dancing

The Ontario Arts Council would like to thank all of the performers who shared their passion for dancing in the making of this video.
Produced for the Ontario Arts Council


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