“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” — E.V.

Events & Retreats

In our Wild Woman events we create environments for women to dive deeply into healing- and empowering processes that help us to release our Sacred Power and awakens our own Authentic Leadership.

Let’s heal and celebrate our femininity in the safe and loving embrace of SISTERHOOD.

By releasing what is holding you back, we help you sharpen your intentions and clear your Vision. You will re-learn how to trust your intuition and how to gracefully and unapologetically live your life and speak your own voice. We hold space to honor and awaken gratitude for our unique self and body, our authentic qualities and revitalize ourselves in nature connecting with the earth. You will be inspired, challenged and supported in a Sacred nurturing atmosphere. You will get full space to release your Wild Nature and ground yourself strongly in your clearest Visions.

Wild Woman Sisterhood has become a leading Sisterhood organization and inspiration for many through our events and training programs.

Our events are a collaborative co~creation facilitated by different inspiring and experienced female teachers find all over the globe.

There are currently no Live Events available.

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** A very special Thank You to Bibbie Friman for capturing the Soul of our Sisterhood. Copyright


“Step into our INNER CIRCLE and experience the Soul & depths of our beloved Sisterhood”

The WWS Sistermind is an offering by Wild Woman Sisterhood®

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We have created something really special and nourishing: The Wild Woman SISTERMIND. A warm bath of inspiring women enter a beautiful journey, traveling together through the phases of the Moon, the year and life.
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“Step into our INNER CIRCLE and experience the Soul & depths of our beloved Sisterhood”

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From One Sister to Another

Dear Sister, we are all longing to have more intense moments of Unity. We are connecting a global Tribe of Love Warriors, where we Sisters stand up for each other — this inspired me to create the Wild Woman Sisterhood Full Moon Circle Calendar.

While we connect in Unity, we celebrate a specific theme each Full Moon and honour the Feminine Energy on earth. Use these symbolic monthly markers for a method of self-exploration, growth and grounding.

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