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Wild-Hearted Woman

E ach Nation, tribe and village had medicine people; whether male or female was of no consequence. Children who were born with the gift of healing were taken by the medicine person as a young child and taught healing ways. They were taught to recognize the healing plants, trees, roots, berries and wild herbs. They were taught how to make poultices, teas and other healing foods. Medicine Women were the local psychologists, therapists, physicians and marriage counselors. In some tribes

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Medicine Women

When the general public thinks of Native healers and "physicians", the words "Medicine Man" seems to naturally fall out of their mouths. Guess what? This is another situation where there was no gender bias, and there were just as many Medicine Women as Medicine Men. E...

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We have come to Be Danced

Not the pretty dance Not the pretty pretty, pick me, pick me dance But the claw our way back into the Belly Of the Sacred, Sensual Animal dance The unhinged, unplugged, cat is out of its box Dance The holding the precious moment in the palms Of our hands and feet...

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Remove Bad Energy with Sage

  The Smudging Ceremony: Remove Bad Energy with Sage Smoke How to perform a cleansing ceremony with the use of burning sage, also known as 'smudging'. smudge stick is a dried and bundled plant. One can...

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Wild Woman Poem

  I am a Wild Woman I know, inspite of myself and in spite of what I've been told that there's beauty in every age no matter how old I am a Wild Woman I've learned what it means to be a life bearer to bear children to create art to plant seeds of Love I am a Wild...

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