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Dec 9, 2014 | Women Circles |


T here are many ways and many reasons to sit in a circle. At its very core, a Sacred Circle of women is an opportunity to be Loved and held in a way that only women can provide. The Circle itself represents a Sacred Symbol that has been honored throughout time. It is a reminder of the Sacredness of the Circle of Life, the Seasons, Sunrise to Sunrise, the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Earth, all things round.

There is something magical about a Circle. Geometrically it encompasses more space than any other shape. Within it, one sets out on a journey and returns having never left her seat. Whenever we engage in an act of Ritual or Ceremony that has been shared throughout time, we are the beneficiary of all the Goodness that has come from it. The Circle, in and of itself, is imbued with lifetimes of profound Wisdom.

Holding Sacred Circles means that there is an agreement present to hold each other and the Gathering itself as Sacred. What is shared or spoken is done in a Sacred manner. As we listen to one another, we do so in a Sacred way. There is no judgment or criticism present. We are able to listen Whole Heartedly to what each Woman has to say, holding her in Support and Compassion, receiving her in Wholeness.

Circles also allowing that everyone within the Circle is equal. There is no hierarchy in Circle. Everyone and every expression is equally valued. We learn so much from one another. We witness each other, allowing ourselves to be seen and heard, honored, loved and enjoyed. These things go a long way toward strengthening us individually and collectively.

In a Sacred Circle, each participant is encouraged to take guidance individually by listening to her Inner Voice. Each guidance, Soul and life experience, when offered to the center, begins to resonate throughout the Circle and creates what we experience as a resonant field. This Unified field operates as a Source of Light that illuminates our individual blind spots, makes us grow and find clarity. It is one idea perceived from multiple perspectives at once allowing it to evolve to its most Profound Wisdom in that moment. In this way, the Power and Energy that flows through the Circle is guided by Divine Grace. Energy that we might otherwise experience as “local” or limited to our own perception becomes Universalized and “global” through a balanced and refined process of a Circle. We discover, then, that we are as One, learning, living and sharing One Spirit in a Divinely orchestrated, Authentic way.

© Amari Gold


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