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Sisterhood, a Sacred bond between women

S isterhood is the Sacred bond that only Women know and share. It is the unseen power that we can choose to acknowledge, love, cultivate, and use to nourish and fuel our lives as Women in the world. When we experience the immense power of Sisterhood, we feel alive, safe and recognised.

Sisterhood is deep vibrant connection, endless support and understanding. It is learning to love and honour the companionship of other Women. Sisterhood is being able to sit among other Women and to just be, or to listen to each other, to comment without fear, tell without fear, love and be loved, and respect each other no matter what. Sisterhood is to help each other grow, Empower and Shine our own Light, to dance, to laugh, to paint, to cry, to share, to be sweet, to be Raw… to be All that you Are, to BE Free… We open our Hearts to receive the profound Inner Beauty of others. Jealousy, the urge to be the best and envy make room for a much deeper way of connecting.

Sisterhood is about caring, loving and nurturing all Women, regardless of their looks, weight, background, race or religion. It is to accept another Woman as your family, because you or your Higher self know that she is a Human Being, like yourself. She came into this world to learn and experience and evolve, like you did. She has been through pain, rejection and has felt many other emotions that exist in this dualistic world, like you have. And like you, she is going through her phases of life finding a way to make and create the best possible out of it.

Sisterhood is accepting your vulnerability and allowing others to support you and share Sacred moments with kindred energies. It is having Extended Family Sisters, which is vital and vibrant for our Soul.

Author: Tara Isis Gerris
From the book MoonCircles

By photographer: Beata Mazur

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